The Sponsors

Philip King Charitable Trust (UK)
Rangoonwala Foundation
Swiss Ladies Charity Circle
Sukitha Child Trust
Parishioners of Sacred Heart Church, Mill Hill
Beatrice Laing Trust, Mill Hill

Past Sponsors

The World Health Organisation

Start- up costs, expenses for the first year and funds in June 2006 to update clinical knowledge of staff and are looking into possibilities for future project development.

The Roman Catholic Church

The Archbishop of Colombo provided the building for the Health Centre at Kotahena and part of the expenses for the second and third year of the project. The Bishop of Anuradhapura provided the building for the Health Centre at Alagollawe and funds towards renovation.

Rotary Club of Colombo East

Some funding was made available for the third year of the Kotahena project.

Barnet Community Healthcare Trust

Have been instrumental in supporting me and providing nursing equipment.

Village to Village

Provided funds for the Payagala Project’s second year expenses (2006). Additional funds provided to buy a sufficient piece of land and some funds towards building our new Health Centre in Payagala.

Parishioners of the Sacred Heart Church, Mill Hill, London

Provide continuing support and financial assistance for all of the S-H-A-R-E projects.

Hatton National Bank (Sri Lanka)

Have been providing financial support since 2007 for the Public Health Teaching Programme.

St. Philip's Parish, Finchley

members of the Justice and Peace Group and Parishioners provided the s tart-up costs for the Anuradhapura project.

CEO of A. BAUR Co. Ltd

Funding for the Anuradhapura project in 2008.

The SHARE Foundation is also supported by many other donors who provide generous donations and set up standing orders, which provides the foundation with regular income. We thank you for your support and prayers.

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