Ten Years On…

On 26 December 2004, Indonesia was hit by a 9.2 magnitude earthquake which also triggered the South East Asian tsunami causing devastation in its wake. That day, over 230,000 people lost their lives. For some, life changed in an instant. In Sri Lanka, there are very...

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SHARE in my view, is indeed a highly commendable project, which deserves the unstinted co-operation and support of all right-thinking people around the world.

Justice Priyantha R.P.Perera

Sri Lanka

How You Can Help?

The SHARE Foundation has been set up to fund nursing projects for the poor and disadvantaged in the third world countries. Its purpose is to provide free nursing care for the infirm, elderly and terminally ill in the low-income groups. We have extended our nursing care to the physically and mentally disabled in these underprivileged communities. The object of the project is to support and care for patients in their homes and to promote the prevention of ill health by providing health education to the public.

Our key areas of focus are for the socially disadvantaged: care for the elderly, terminally ill, mentally and physically disabled.